Relax. Have a Sauna. Enjoy.

During spring time the public Smoke Sauna heats up on Sundays. More info on the Sauna page


We welcome you to experience the Finnish happiness with our recipe: Relax.Have a Sauna. Enjoy.

Niemi-Kapee has five different cottages for you to choose from. All of our cottages are on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi and have their own private lakefront and a wood-heated sauna.

Our cottages come in different sizes but they are all well equipped and warm so you can enjoy your time in Niemi-Kapee.

We hope you decide to come and have a wonderful stay!


We value and cherish our rich Sauna culture. Niemi-Kapee offers you a variety of traditional Finnish Saunas. We hope you find your favourite!

If you are interested in the most traditional Saunas you should try our Smoke Sauna. The Smoke Sauna is heated by burning large amounts of wood about 6 to 8 hours and then letting the smoke out of the sauna before enjoying the Sauna heat. Our Smoke Sauna hosts up to 20 people at a time.

Old Sauna and New Sauna also welcome you to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere of our Saunas. They are located near the Smoke Sauna on the lakefront.

All the cottages also have their own Sauna and in total Niemi-Kapee has 10 saunas. Yet there is more to come!


Looking for a place for birthdays or for a meeting?

The Smoke Sauna Building can host events, meetings, parties and such for up to 25 people. The building is a rare specimen of a traditional Finnish craftsmanship. The building includes washing room, two showers, room with a fireplace, spacious living room, kitchen and 2 toilets.

We also arrange dinners and activities.

Gift Cards

Give the perfect gift to your friend or family member - a slice of Finnish happiness. Who would not love to Relax, Have a sauna and Enjoy?


For meetings and celebration ask for catering - we'd love to help you! We provide catering from breakfasts to full dinners.