Even though Tampere just had its own tramway, Niemi-Kapee will not be reachable with it anytime soon. Luckily biking is fun! Find your own landscape of Finnish countryside and pure nature by biking to Niemi-Kapee!

For example you can explore the northern Näsi Lake Trail! On the route, you will get to see amazing scenery and take a rest in Niemi-Kapee. The route circles Lake Näsijärvi and we are quite close to the halfway point. You can also combine the Steamship Tarjanne to your trip and take your bike on the boat. Tarjanne will carry you from Tampere to Murole canal - then you have only 15 km to Niemi-Kapee.

Biking package

We have a package for bikers who wish to stay only one night and carry on their trip on Pyhä-Näsi biking route.

Accomodation in Viljo or Annikki (lodge) 50€/person. Includes one hour sauna in Beach sauna. Smokesauna building has showers, fridge and showers of bikers to use. Extras:

Breakfast 10 €/person.

Linens and towels 10 €/set.


E-bike + cottage

Want to do it sustainably?

We offer our cottages -10% for those who rent their E-bikes at Pekan Pakomatkat from Tampere. You will get the bikes also -10%.

You can also ask trailer for children or for luggage.

Pekan pakomatkat