Viljo and Annikki

The old couple Viljo and Annikki were the forerunners of rural tourism in Finland. This honest and humble couple charmed visitors from all over already back in the 1960s. To honor their memory we decided to build this traditional style log granary for our short-term visitors.

Viljo and Annikki are two separate rooms is a sleeping log granary. Both rooms accommodate four people. Annikki has two bunk beds and Viljo has one queen size bed and a bunk bed. Both rooms have electric heating and electricity. Linens and towels can be rented.

The building is located next to the Smoke Sauna, New Sauna and Old Sauna. Lakefront is some 40 meters away. Viljo and Annikki accommodate for example cyclist during the summer and people enjoying our Smoke Sauna. You can also ask for catering and saunas for your stay.