Sauna healer Siiri Koski

Traditional sauna is an immaterial sauna culture based on Finnish folklore. The traditional sauna healer brings the old Baltic Finnish sauna to life in its versatility. Sauna traditions on the benches of Niemi-Kapee's sauna is a wonderful experience, where you will feel the story of the sauna. One of the most central elements of traditional sauna are the whisks. The sauna day can include the making of the whisks together, or the traditional sauna healer can prepare a sauna evening where the main role is played by different type of whisks, and how to use them. Finnish sauna culture and the Finnish state of mind are also the various annual saunas, like midsummer sauna and Kekri, an old harvest festival, celebrated in the fall.

Costs from 350€/ 2 hours + 20€ cleaning fee

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Traditional sauna healer Siiri Koski

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