Smoke Sauna

Our Smoke Sauna is built in traditional 19th century style from the trees that fell in a 2001 storm called Janika. The sauna can take up to 20 people at a time. The height of our Smoke Sauna is approximately four meters so even with the sauna full of people you won’t lose your breath. The heat and steam of the sauna are smooth and long lasting. The stove of this sauna is massive – it is made of 4500 kilograms of rock. Heating takes up to six hours but the sauna stays warm for a long time. We welcome you to experience the Finnish happiness with our recipe: Relax.Have a Sauna. Enjoy

If you are interested in the most traditional saunas you should try our Smoke Sauna. The Smoke Sauna is heated by burning large amounts of wood about 6 to 8 hours and then letting the smoke out of the sauna before enjoying the sauna heat. This sauna is a perfect choice for the friends of long lasting luxury. Between going to sauna, eating, drinking and dipping into Lake Näsijärvi you can also enjoy the warmth of out Hot Tub right next to the Smoke Sauna. The Hot Tub takes in 10 people at a time.

The Smoke Sauna Building is a massive log building of 117 m². The sauna is a traditional Finnish smoke sauna with washing room, two showers, a room with a fireplace, spacious living room, kitchen and two indoor toilets.