The Sauna Shamans by Saunakonkeli

Experience the ancient power of the sauna with Saunakonkeli’s Sauna Shamans. Set your wishes and invite the Sauna Shamans to build bridges between the mundane and divine.

We open up the connection with the local sauna spirits, prepare the whisks and welcome the spirits into the sauna. The border between the worlds fades in the midst of Löyly as the sacred steam unleashes the power of Sauna and restores the inner as well as the cosmic balance.

We are here and ready to serve the Löyly and the people. At the sauna of the Shamans you can

experience for example

- Different whisks & whisk treatments

- Sauna songs & spells

- Ritual Löyly

- Peat & honey treatments

- Sauna meditations

- Cyclical moon ceremonies

- Finnish sauna traditions & knowledge

The Sauna Shamans operate in different events, parties and private gatherings. We will either come to your sauna or organize a special sauna place according to your wishes. Our fee in the Tampere region is 350€ / 2 hours, additional hours 75€. Ask for more information about our services in other parts of Finland.

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